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    I'm an only child, but I did have plenty of kids who were like siblings to me growing up. My cousin lived with us for almost 10 years, so he feels like my brother.
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    I am. There are pros and cons. Mainly cons. I have lots of cousins though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweets12 View Post
    I am. There are pros and cons. Mainly cons. I have lots of cousins though.
    Such as? I feel like just stating there are mainly of cons is like putting live ammo out there waiting for it to explode.

    Being a single child (of a single mother) allowed my mom to give me things she wouldn't have been able to if I had had siblings. Including sending me to an private school which focused on bi-lingual and bi-cultural education, international travel (my mom's hobby) and a lot of tutoring to help me excel at school despite fairly strong learning disabilities in anything language and math related. I have also always been very independent and self-sufficient, and I never had a parents against kids mentality - it was always me and my mom against the world.
    Curious about what sibling relationships are like I read a book on them recently and discovered that a lot of the important lessons children learn from their siblings I learned from my cousins and my god-brother and the like. I'm not saying being a single is better than having siblings or the other way around I'm just saying I can think of a few pro's for being a single child. So I'd love to hear what your "mainly con's" are.
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    I'm an only child and the only grandchild. Safe to say I got a lot of attention growing up. I think it is a fine way to grow up personally. The reputation for only children is not true as often as people think. I am definitely not spoiled or bratty or mean. Although thats what a lot of people think of when they picture only children. When I was in school kids wouldn't believe me when I told them I was an only child. Seriously, I could not convince them.

    I think there are some cons for me. Family gatherings were not super exciting without cousins or siblings. As a young child I did want siblings to play with. I was very lucky though in elementary school I found a best friend, who was basically my sister. Except we never fought at all.

    I also got all the help and support I needed from my parents. Sometimes too much. I also always had my friends over, because we never had to worry about bothersome younger siblings. And that was nice. There are cons, but not a lot for me.

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    Another sort of. I was raised for the most part as an only child by a single mom.

    I only spent 4 days a month with my dad and his third wife, who has two sons. So for 4 days a month I had 2 brothers. My dad also had three children from his first wife (my mom was his second) who were significantly older than me (12, 15, and 17 years) and between my parents' divorce, his remarriage, and the age difference I didn't see my half-siblings hardly at all. I talk to all of them and we're all on friendly terms, but none of us are really close. Same with my step-brothers. I tend to think of myself as an only child first, and a part-time youngest child second.
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