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    Me! Though I've always longed for an older brother to pester, or an older sister to talk to. I only have one aunt, and two uncles ( the aunt is 19 and the first uncle is 25, the other is 43. But the younger ones live in England so I never get to see them) and they are basically my siblings. I have close attachments to my friends because of this, and they are like my siblings.
    I really do wish I had siblings, but not ones way younger than me, like if my parents had one now it would probably be annoying.

    But then again it depends on the person. Some only child's don't really care, some really want siblings, and some prefer it alone.
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    I'm twelve years younger than my oldest sister and ten years younger than the other. All my cousins, except one, are at least 12 years older than me. So I was basically an only child. I was happy when my sisters moved out because it meant the house was a lot quieter.

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    I am, kind of. I was raised as an only child, but I have two half-siblings. I've never met my half-brother, who we think is about 25 years older than I am. I'm close to my half-sister (almost 14 years older) in adulthood, but it took several years before I actually absorbed the fact that she was my sister.

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    I'm an only and I married an only too!

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    I'm an only child too.

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