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    Maggie, I have a female cat called Sir Galahad!!

    I haven't read P&P in fifteen years or so, so don't remember every character, but I think these combos would be nice:
    Darcy Goulding Lucas and Kitty Charlotte Georgiana
    Ottilie, we have a long tradition of literary-named cats in our family. Between my brother, parents, and I, we've had a Gulliver, a Scout, and a Narcissus (from the Hermann Hesse book).

    EDIT: I just realized that your female cat is named Sir. So I guess Mr. Bingley could be a female dog too, or I could just go with Bingley. All of you previous posters have nearly convinced me to get a dog. :-)
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    Elizabeth! It was my absolute favorite long before I read P&P but I loved it even more after reading P&P! P&P made me adore the nn Eliza though!
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    My husband and I are strongly considering Elizabeth for our third child (if it's a girl)...but our last name is also in Pride and Prejudice, haha. I don't know if that's a bad idea or not.

    I've always loved the name Darcy for a girl.
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    Help us decide?
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