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    Sister for Zoe Louise

    My husband and I are expecting a little girl next week and we can't seem to decide on a name for her. We have a 23 month old daughter named Zoe Louise and I would like their names to sound nice together. Right now, our favorite names are Paige, Piper, Phoebe, and Daisy. I also like Natalie, but my husband doesn't like it as much as I do. We also like Catherine, but my husband prefers the K spelling while I like it with a C more.

    We are 90% sure that the middle name will be Sara as it is a family name (and my own middle name).

    What name do you prefer? Are there any other names we should consider?


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    Zoe and Phoebe sound like sisters and from your list, Phoebe flows best with the mn Sara.
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    I think that Catherine and Natalie have the best flow with Sara, but that Daisy would be adorable as a sister to Zoe. They are both so spunky and fun. Phoebe is almost too close a match with Zoe for me for sisters.

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    Phoebe Sara flows the best out of all of your current list (not including Nathalie and Catherine, which flow quite well). Phoebe and Zoe would be darling sisters, although the they are a bit matchy if that bothers you.

    I also wanted to suggest Corinne/Corinna/Cora as it might melds your apparent love for Greek names (Zoe and Phoebe) and Catherine together.
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    I like Zoe and Phoebe, I find this combo very sweet and charming!
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