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    I think Imogene is super cute. I still remember a book I read as a little kid called "Imogene's Antlers," featuring a blonde, rosy-cheeked girl. I liked the name then as well! Imogen doesn't have the same appeal for me. I'm trying to put my finger on why exactly, since I want to be helpful, but I can't quite place it.

    I'm with you, juliet!

    Edit: In fact, I am adding Imogene to my list. Ha!
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    Hurrah! It's so nice to hear other berries share my love of Imogene, I thought i was alone!

    Any other names yall like that go against the berry grain?
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    I like both! I didn't realize I had to choose, lol.

    I do like Imogen (how Nameberry of me!) but it is more British/Commonwealths sounding to me. It is in the Top 100 here in Australia and has a tailored sound. It allows for Gen/Genny as a nickname, which I think sounds sweet. And I like Vivien and Branwen and similar girls names that are feminine but frilly. Imogen has the Shakespearean cred, too.

    Imogene has a country sound, but a very old 1880s-1930s country sound, not modern-redneck sound to it, to me. And Fried Green Tomatoes makes me think of a spunky little country girl. Gene as a nickname makes me think of Old Hollywood Gene Tierney (I know Jean is typically the female spelling but she was a Gene...) and I doubt I would ever use Gene/Jean as a given name but I don't mind it as a nickname, though I like Gen slightly more.

    Imogene is one of the VERY few "-een sound" names I really like. I would not be game to revive Eileen, for instance.

    As an American married to an Aussie, my husband thinks Imogene looks "weird" and my American mother actually insists Imogen is "made-up" so basically I can't please anybody, even though I love both.

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    I'm not a fan of either at all. I really don't understand the hype about Imogen, it just sounds very strange and not like a name to me. I always feel like I'm saying "imagine" wrong or it's some kind of medicine. Imogene sounds more 'old lady' to me, I don't like the 'gene' sound.
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    I am totally biased as one of my twins is named Imogen May which i suppose you will all say is a filler middle name too lol but we call her mimi may and she suits it well. Shes very peite with a little button nose and dark blonde hair. She is a little ballerina, never stops dancing. Imogen actually means image of her mother - funny as she looks just like me and im a ballet teacher so she is defo a mini me where as her sister looks more like her daddy and is not so dainty on her feet lol.

    We thought about about Imogene aswell but thought it looked like a typo and people would automatically say imogen anyway. here in england its a heard of name but not currently very popular so luckily i dnt teach any imogens and there wont be another one in her class at school

    Anyways as long as you like the name thats all that matters adding the e does give it a little more flare!

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