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    Question Need help feminizing this name please.

    I've never had much of a name list, and I really want to get a list of names that my husband and I both like. We already know that we want to start trying for a baby when Mireille, who were're adopting, is about 3 months old (she's due next week!). My husband's grandfather, who he was very close to, died 4 months ago. He's mentioned numerous times that he would like to somehow incorporate his grandfather's name into our next child's name. If we were to have a boy it would, obviously, be easy, but if we have a girl, it will be dificult. Can you think of any way to feminize the name Peregrine besides Peregrina (which we think sounds weird)? We HATE the name Perry, so we do not want to use it as the full name. We know that Perry is an easy nickname for Peregrine, but, even so, we still want to use the name. If he/she wants to use the nickname Perry, that's fine with us, it just won't be something that we use.

    If we can't come up with anything, we'll probably just go with Peregryn. His nickname was Gryn, so it would incorporate his nickname as well as his full name. We're not exactly sure why his nickname was spelled Gryn instead of Grin or Grine. Since we're not even pregnant yet, we're hoping to find something a little more....original. We're ok with creative names, so we're not worried about finding a feminized form of Peregrine that's been around for a while. We just want a name that we like, that also honors the name Peregrine.

    Thanks for all your help Berries!!
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