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Thread: 2 good finds.

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    2 good finds.

    This weekend I interviewed a "Pania Shingleton" which I think might be the nicest first/last combo I've heard in awhile. She has a sweet New Zealand accent so pronounces it three sylables PAN-ee-ya. But I think in a Canadian accent it would rhyme with Tanya. Loved it.

    As I've mentioned I am a journalist and carry a camera with me so I buy camera bags from a photographer/purse designer named Kelly Moore. She adopted a little girl and named her Chapel. Chapel Augusta. Which is think is also awesome. Great word name choice.

    Neither sway me from my own girl choice but I love finding fresh names.

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    Ick, I don't like either. Pania reminds me of panini and just doesn't sound nice at all to my ears. Chapel reminds me of a church or Dave Chappelle. I do love Augusta though!
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