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Thread: Name combo?

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    Name combo?

    Trying to decide between Isabel and Colette. We have a daughter already named Emmeline. What works better for a sibling set? What sounds better:

    Isabel Colette


    Colette Isabel

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    I like the name Colette best, but as for the combo, I like the flow of Isabel Colette better than Colette Isabel.

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    Sorry to be so unhelpful. But Colette sounds better with a sister names Emmeline however Isabel Colette sounds better as a combo. However what you've got to think about is how much it really matters that your children's names "match" sticking to a certain "type" can be hard, especially if you want more children. On the other hand, how many times is your daughter's first and middle names going to be said aloud together? I prefer Isabel over Colette anyway, but the choice is up to you of course
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    I prefer the name Colette to go with your daughter's name of Emmeline. However, I have to agree with others that have posted that Isabel Colette sounds better.

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    Colette Isabel sounds beautiful. I would definitely go with that. Its far more distinctive and memorable.

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