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    Random number generator fun :)

    Hi Berries! My first thread!
    A little white ago, I first assembled my current list. Very quickly I amassed 40 names for girls that i liked for either first or middle names. (I have since narrowed it down to a top 5 with a vague idea of middle name options.) The list was SOOO long that i grew tired of trying to combine fn and mn options on my own, so i went to a random number generator. I numbered my names 1-40 (well they were numbered already on the spreadsheet!) and click on the online number generator in sets of two to make pairings.
    It's so funny to combine them and see if anything would work! Some of them are definite no's- too rhymey since i like a lot of '-ine' ending names, or too long because i also like 3 syllable names- but some of them are surprisingly nice
    Has anyone else done this? If not, i recommend it!! Give it a whirl!
    Just for fun my 'worst' combination so far would be waverly wimberly (I know those two arent very popular names on their own here, ha! Waverly made it onto my top 10 or so, but probably not wimberly) but i really like River Adair and Madeline Amelia, as well as the decidedly more reserved Anne Reid.

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