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Thread: Violet v. Viola

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    Violet v. Viola

    Hi Berries! Our baby girl has been baking for 23 weeks and I finally (finally!) got DH to sit down with me and discuss names. I gave him a long list of about 150 names, some pulled from lists I've been making for years, many gathered with your help (!!-Ahh!). He picked a handful that "I don't hate": Hazel, Aria, Eleora, Ivy, June, Zia, and then settled on his favorite: "Violet. I like it. Let's name her Violet. Done."

    I love Violet. Especially paired with my favorite middle: Violet Sofia. We wanted to name after my grandfathers Bernie and Sol (and we will in the baby's Hebrew name). Because the Hebrew letter for B (bet) is the same as V (vet), we decided that if we couldn't find a B name, a V name would be fine. The only problem? Our last name is Katz. And the name Violet Katz sounds so much like "purple cats" or, worse "violent cats" that I just don't know if I can do it. When I originally thought of Violet, I wrote a post about these concerns and got mixed reactions (

    So now I think that the best way to solve the problem is to switch over to Viola. It keeps the V and most of the name, while ridding the violent or purple cats sound. I think that Viola is more elegant and Violet is cuter. Both age well, though I think that Viola might need a cute little kid (dare I say spunky?) nickname. My other concern is that I can't use Sofia as a middle (Viola Sofia seems a bit much, no?). So I need a new middle name that either starts with an S or means "peace" to go with her middle Hebrew name that does both.

    Any ideas for Viola nicknames and/or middle names? Am I crazy about Violet? DH thinks my concerns are nuts. Do you like the name Viola Katz? Thanks so much!!

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    Additional question: How do you pronounce Viola? (Like Violet--Viol-uh--or like the musical instrument--Veeola) And on which syllable do you place an emphasis? Thanks so much, Berries, for all of your help!!

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    I say V-eye-oh-la (not like the instrument). Viola Simone, Viola Sage, Viola Sidonie, Viola Suzanne work well as combinations. Another suggestion is to use Vivian and you could keep Sofia as the mn.

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    What you say about Violet Katz makes sense to me. I like the name Serena. It has an S and it means peace. !

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    I really dislike Viola due to its similarity to the conjugated Spanish word for rape. That's just something I can't get out of my head when I hear it.

    But Violet Katz isn't ideal either...

    I like davisellu's suggestion of Vivian. Vera would be pretty, too.

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