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    I think I'll start telling everyone I like those common names I generally hate. I did say to Penny the other day that "Oh well I do like Penelope" so maybe I'll just start telling everyone that. And we do have an uncooperative baby!

    And thanks Blade. I'll look into that. It is very serious. He's 3 and has only barely been walking or eating on his own. By her own admittance (and this she will say on facebook) she puts him in his crib all day so she can work on her RPG sites. And she will also admit on facebook that she thinks all children are stupid and incapable of learning until 5 so she has no intentions of teaching him anything -- ABC, numbers, potty training, anything -- until then. And you'd be surprised what she'll put on there. She has over 2oo pictures of him on her facebook and almost all of them are him in a diaper with nothing else on. She posts new ones constantly so I've been keeping an eye on that. What she has is munchausen syndrome and now with her son, munchausen by proxy as well as some mental things I can't diagnose. I'll definitely look into those people you suggested.

    But anyway, I appreciate all the advice! I'll just tell people we haven't decided until that doesn't work any more then I'll tell them some random popular name they all like. My mom does know the names, and she's the only one, and she loves them! So I'm good there at least ^_^

    Most of that is pretty bad. Kids being in diapers in the house is FAR from abusive, though - kids don't like clothes, it bugs me when people think that kids not being clothed all the time is abusive, it's simply not. You couldn't keep clothes on me until I was like 10. I would come home from school and literally just strip down to my underwear unless someone was coming over. I agree with reporting her for abuse but at least report her for things that are actually abusive.

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    (Last name is basically Zachary too hahaha), and I need a clever Z name to do the same with girls.
    Ziazan has always been a fun Z name that I would never ever use but kind of wish I could. Or Zephne. (Like Daphne, but with a Ze). Ziazan means rainbow. It's even a bit out there for characters, and this is coming from a girl who named her first character Aloysia. She had a twin named Zebulon- you could always use that, too!
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