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    How to not share the name?

    Every single person I meet who knows I'm pregnant asks "Do you know the sex? What are you naming it?"

    At this point, I've been telling people I didn't want to think about names too much until I knew the sex but since I should be finding that out fairly soon, I can't keep telling people that. I don't want to share the name because 1) they are much more unusual than most people around here are comfortable with (think lots of Bailey, Hailey, Kaylee, Jaiden, Caden, Braden, etc type names), 2) At least one person who keeps asking I know for a fact would steal the name if she liked it and I definitely don't want her to know and 3) Even though I can take the criticism, I just simply don't want to listen to it or have to explain it to anyone.

    And besides those things, my grandpa has very firmly said "I don't want to know the gender, I don't want to know the name, I'll find out when it's born." because he's superstitious. So, how can keep from sharing names with people. I'm finding it hard to just say no. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Just tell them it's not something you and your partner are talking about with other people or that you guys aren't officially choosing until you see the baby.

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    Just ask them if they have any suggestions & let your eyes glaze over for about 20 mins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    Just ask them if they have any suggestions & let your eyes glaze over for about 20 mins!
    LOL! I second this.

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    That's what I did!

    I find that trying to shut people down when they bring it up just creates an obsession but really all people seem to want is to let their opinion be known so just letting them go on & on is what they really wanted anyway!!

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