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  • Clara Lauren

    4 6.78%
  • Clara Leilani

    3 5.08%
  • Clara Leonie

    17 28.81%
  • Clara Lenore

    18 30.51%
  • Clara Lillian

    17 28.81%
  • Clara Lizette

    4 6.78%
  • Clara Lourdes

    6 10.17%
  • Clara London

    5 8.47%
  • Clara Genevieve

    26 44.07%
  • Clara Felicity

    15 25.42%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Mn for Clara

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    Mn for Clara

    Im trying to find an MN for Clara. I really like the idea of using an L mn to give my top two names both an L and a C in there names. If I don't use an L mn it will be either Genevieve or Felicity. Which is your favorite and why?

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    I voted Clara Lenore and Clara Lillian because I love them. They were my favorite ideas when I was trying to think of suggestions when I came up with the idea, and I love them for you. Back-up choice is Clara Felicity, because I adore Felicity right now.
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    I chose three: Clara Leilani, Clara Lauren & Clara Felicity. They are all so gorgeous!

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    I voted for Clara Genevieve because to me it has the best flow and it so pretty. Clara Felicity is also really pretty! I don't really care so much for the L names, but if I had to choose one it would probably be Lauren. To me the L in Clara and the L middle names are kind of hard to say together, but that could just be me.
    Love the name Clara by the way! It would be one of my top picks if it worked with our last name.

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    I voted for three: Clara Genevieve, Clara Lenore, and Clara Leonie. All three are absolutely stunning, mixing the Victorian Clara with something equally vintage, but not as well known. I just love the idea of all three of those combos. So beautiful.

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