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    Name the neighborhood

    A new neighborhood has been built and there are five families living there currently. Named....

    Rallis Family
    Dad: Ivan, Idris, Wren, Jack, Israel|Rallis
    Mom: Willow, Regina, Nancy, Daisy, Tina|Rallis
    Oldest Daughter: Vera, Shay, Cora, Jill, Emory|Rallis
    Second Daughter: Elsie, Wynona, Jade, Princess, Ashlynn|Rallis

    Iverstead Family
    Dad: Jackson, Wyatt, Giovanni, Emmett, Ben|Iverstead
    Mom: Zoe, Allison, Drew, Giselle, Kira|Iverstead
    Son: Sammy, Wayne, Harris, Nolan, Markus|Iverstead

    Jules Family
    Dad: Dallas, Quentin, Al, Vance, Reid|Jules
    Mom: Florence, Abby, Johanna, Sonya, Bianca|Jules
    Oldest Son: Arthur, Cassius, Nathan, Jason, Joe|Jules
    Daughter: Holly, Cora, Chloe, Miette, Anya|Jules
    Second Son: Shane, Lars, Nox, Bentley, Holden|Jules
    Third Son: Frank, Justin, Keith, Kenneth, Günter|Jules

    Shed Family
    Dad: William, Hendrix, Asa, Blaine, Nick|Shed
    Mom: Georgia, Olive, Amy, Fiona, Dawn|Shed
    Daughter: Holly, Peony, Twyla, Ximena, Kiki|Shed

    Kurotama Family
    Dad: Stan, Vlad, Idris, Silas, Elliot|Kurotama
    Mom: Jillian, Sophia, Crystal, Bonnie, Nova|Kurotama
    Oldest Son: Adam, Zachary, James, Julian,
    Daughter: Willow, Hanna, Harper, Nina, Theresa|Kurotama
    Second Son: Francisco, Jaden, Chase, Zion, John|Kurotama
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    Family #1
    DH: Jack Israel Rallis
    DW: Daisy Regina *Cooper* Rallis
    -DD: Emory Shay Rallis
    -DD: Elsie Jade Rallis

    Family #2
    DH: Emmett Jackson Iverstead
    DW: Allison Giselle *Johnson* Iverstead "Allie"
    -DS: Nolan Harris Iverstead

    Family #3
    DH: Reid Vance Jules
    DW: Abby Johanna *Collins* Jules
    -DS: Nathan Arthur Jules "Nate"
    -DD: Cora Holly Jules
    -DS: Bentley Shane Jules "Benny"
    -DS: Justin Frank Jules

    Family #4
    DH: William Hendrix Shed "Will"
    DW: Georgia Olive *Winston* Shed
    -DD: Holly Twyla Shed

    Family #5
    DH: Silas Elliot Kurotama
    DW: Jillian Sophia *Nixon* Kurotama "Jill"
    -DS: Julian Zachary Kurotama "Jude"
    -DD: Harper Willow Kurotama
    -DS: Chase Zion Kurotama

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    The Rallis Family
    Jack Israel Rallis + Willow Nancy {Patterson} Rallis
    Vera Shay Rallis
    Ashlynn Jade Rallis

    The Iverstead Family
    Jackson Wyatt Iverstead + Zoe Allison {Monroe} Iverstead
    Nolan Wayne Iverstead

    The Jules Family
    Dallas Reid Jules + Johanna Florence {Matthews} Jules
    Cassius Arthur Jules
    Anya Miette Jules
    Bentley Shane Jules
    Kenneth Justin Jules

    The Shed Family
    William Asa Shed + Fiona Olive {Shaw} Shed
    Peony Twyla Shed

    The Kurotama Family
    Elliot Idris Kurotama + Jillian Sophia {Russell} Kurotama
    Zachary James Kurotama
    Willow Theresa Kurotama
    Chase John Kurotama
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    Rallis Family
    Dad: Jack Wren Rallis
    Mom: Willow Daisy Rallis (Willa)
    Oldest Daughter: Cora Vera Rallis
    Second Daughter: Elsie Jade Rallis

    Iverstead Family
    Dad: Wyatt Emmett Iverstead
    Mom: Zoe Giselle Iverstead
    Son: Nolan Harris Iverstead

    Jules Family
    Dad: Quentin Reid Jules
    Mom: Florence Johanna Jules
    Oldest Son: Arthur Nathan Jules
    Daughter: Anya Miette Jules
    Second Son: Holden Shane Jules
    Third Son: Frank Kenneth Jules

    Shed Family
    Dad: Asa William Shed
    Mom: Olive Georgia Shed
    Daughter: Peony Ximena Shed

    Kurotama Family
    Dad: Silas Idris Kurotama
    Mom: Bonnie Sophia Kurotama
    Oldest Son: James Julian Kurotama (Jem)
    Daughter: Nina Theresa Kurotama
    Second Son: John Chase Kurotama

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    Rallis Family
    Dad: Jack Ivan Rallis
    Mom: Tina Willow Rallis
    Oldest Daughter: Cora Jill Rallis
    Second Daughter: Jade Elsie Rallis

    Iverstead Family
    Dad: Emmett Giovanni Iverstead
    Mom: Zoe Giselle Iverstead
    Son: Nolan Wayne Iverstead

    Jules Family
    Dad: Dallas Reid Jules
    Mom: Abby Johanna Jules
    Oldest Son: Nathan Arthur Jules
    Daughter: Chloe Anya Jules
    Second Son: Holden Nox Jules
    Third Son: Justin Keith Jules

    Shed Family
    Dad: William Blaine Shed
    Mom: Georgia Amy Shed
    Daughter: Holly Kiki Shed

    Kurotama Family
    Dad: Elliot Stan Kurotama
    Mom: Jillian Sophia Kurotama
    Oldest Son: Zachary James Kurotama
    Daughter: Hanna Theresa Kurotama
    Second Son: Zion Chase Kurotama

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