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    Olive would be my top choice, it seems to match her brothers names in familiarity and popularity as well as style. Second choice would be Charlotte, then Coral
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    I think I like Charlotte and Olive best with Ford and Easton.

    Does your husband think that Margaret or Margot is too old? I actually really like just Margot with Ford and Easton.
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    I think all the names would work well with Easton and Ford-- it's really just what direction you want to go in-- a more feminine traditional name (Charlotte, Olive, Margaret/Margot, Coral), more cute-sy (Maisie), or more unisex (Winter). I like the idea of using Margaret or Margot with Maisie as the nn. Those are classic names with a cute nn!

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    From your list I really like Charlotte, Winter and Maisie. Olive and Margaret are a bit musty (although I do love Margo on it's own), and Coral has always seemed more of a word than a name to me. All the names give me really different vibes though. Charlotte is really sweet and classic, Winter is more modern and upbeat, and Maisie is cute and spunky. All work with Easton and Ford though.

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    Ford, Easton & Maisie = my top pick! If I heard this sibling set, I'd think Southern & charming, like sweet tea. Love it.
    Ford, Easton & Olive = very close 2nd choice, it's wonderful. The feeling I get with this is more spunky & intellectual.
    Ford, Easton, & Margo = 3rd choice. I happen to love the name although I like the French spelling Margeaux a little more.
    Ford, Easton & Charlotte = 4th choice. Charlotte is a beautiful name, no question, but differs a good deal in tone from the others.
    Ford, Easton & Margaret = 5th choice. Again I really like the name Margaret. Especially with Maisie or Meg as nicknames. Just like the others a tiny bit more.


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