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    please create your dream family

    Hello :-).

    What would be your dream family? How many children? What are their names? Any pets? And any other details you want to include. I'm looking forward to your response!

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    LN: Wells

    DW: Clara Josephine
    Maiden name: Lincoln
    Age: 32
    Career: Veterinarian Technician
    Appearance: Long, curly red hair, hazel eyes, short and thin.

    DH: Rupert Dominic
    Age: 32
    Career: Engineer
    Appearance: Cropped dark blonde hair, green eyes, short and stocky.

    DS: Nathaniel Calvin nn Thane
    Age: 7
    Appearance: Long blonde hair, green eyes, short and thin

    DS: Eldridge Phineas nn Eldri
    Age: 4
    Appearance: Short, thin blonde hair, green eyes

    DD: Priya Eloise
    Age: 4
    Adopted from India at age 3
    Appearance: Thick, unruly black hair, small features

    DD: Ruby Rose
    Age: infant
    Appearance: light, wispy hair

    2 female Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Chloe & Freya
    A male Manx named Gus

    Location: Wilmington, NC

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    Dream Family:

    LN: Horan

    DH: Niall James Horan

    DW: Mary Kathryn Holmes Horan

    DS: Prewitt Odion Sebastian Horan

    DS: Noble Lars Gallagher Horan

    DS: Sailor Seamus Lionel Horan

    DS/DS: Bodhi Russell Matthias and Mercer Lowell Hartley Horan

    DS: Lennon George Rupert Horan

    DD: Sapphira Mary-June Horan

    My Lovely Family: Prewitt, Noble, Sailor, Bodhi, Mercer, Lennon, and Sapphira
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