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    Question What to do when you google and find out your top name choice was a criminal...

    So I was totally set on a FN LN combo that my husband and I were in agreement on (which is a miracle, because this time around we are not on the same page for boys names). I loved it. I googled it. Turns out the FN with our LN was a sort of famous drug dealer/crime lord of the 80s.

    I have totally soured on the name now. My DH keeps telling me I shouldn't let it bother me, because we had never heard of him before, and no one else probably has either, but it does bother me. When it is the first page of google hits, it is still really out there online. I didn't have to dig.

    Would you let this influence your naming?

    For reference, the name is Felix Mitchell.
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    I had never heard of him either but did google and he didn't sound like some petty thief. He was so famous, so notorious, and so bad that a criminology term is still named after him ("the Felix Mitchell effect"). He was declared single-handedly responsible for irrevocably linking street gangs and the drug trade, a fact which continues to cause untold misery in cities across the world.

    It's not like he'll just magically be erased from google. When I opened your thread I was determined to reassure you that it would be fine, but in this case, I'd try to keep looking.
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    I think you'd be worse off if your picked out first name/last name were the same as a criminal, not the first name/middle name. If your boy were to google himself (or anyone were to google him), they would go with first name/last name as well. I say go with it, simply because you can't prevent SOMEONE bad from having the same name combo when it comes to common names (agreed Felix is a little less common, but it's not totally out there).

    As I said on an earlier post, just by very nature the "bad" people with a name will come up first on google vs. the "good" people with a certain name combo. There might be hundreds of great Felix Mitchell's in the world, and you shouldn't let one bad one stop you from using a name you love.

    Hope this helped!

    P.S. COMPLETELY missed that it was the last name... I thought you were saying it wasn't. I'll leave what I originally said, though it doesn't apply as much anymore. I'd still use it for the reason I used AFTER that. Sorry for my mess up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    It's not like he'll just magically be erased from google. When I opened your thread I was determined to reassure you that it would be fine, but in this case, I'd try to keep looking.
    Those were my thoughts exactly. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but you can thank google for ruining that. I would consider a different name choice and I hate saying that because I love the name Felix
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    If your heart is set on Felix, maybe you could go with a longer form and use Felix as a nickname.

    Felicianus (original Latin)
    Felicius (late Roman) I think this one could be nice with Mitchell.
    Feliciano (Italian)
    Felicien (French) This one too.

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