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Thread: Leeland?

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    My hubby and I have a 4 yr old named Wyatt and are expecting another boy in a few months. Does anyone like the name Leeland? Its the only name me and my husband kinda like but we're not sure b/c we keep getting ugly faces everytime we say it. Also should we spell it Leeland or Leland? Thanks!!

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    I like Leland. And Lelas and Levi for that matter I would definitely go with the single "e" spelling of Leland though. The extra "e" looks excessive to me. I think it goes great with Wyatt.

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    I think Leeland is great! I actually prefer Leeland to just Leland. Leland has always looked incomplete to me, and I like how Leeland reminds me of the Christian band (Leeland), which used to be one of my favorites. I think Wyatt and Leeland are really cute together, and I do like the nn Lee.
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    I like Leland, and I think it sounds good with Wyatt.

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    I like the spelling Leland which is the only legitimate spelling that I've seen. Leeland just looks like a made up phonetic spelling and it looks odd to me. Leland and Wyatt are a wonderful sibset as they are both versatile names - they can be cowboys or proper gentlemen living in a manor house. My advice is to go for it!
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