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  • Lincoln Dolhanyk

    12 23.53%
  • Spencer Dolhanyk

    25 49.02%
  • Hudson Dolhanyk

    9 17.65%
  • Caspian Dolhanyk

    16 31.37%
  • Aria Dolhanyk

    13 25.49%
  • Lucy Dolhanyk

    31 60.78%
  • Audrey Dolhanyk

    24 47.06%
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    Lightbulb Lincoln, Spencer, Hudson, Caspian, Aria, Lucy, and Audrey! Which do you like?

    The names we like for our future kids! Wish we could narrow it down to 2 boy names and 2 girl names.

    Which boy and girl names do you personally like best?
    Which do you think sounds good with our last name, Dolhanyk? (Pronounced like Doll-Han-Ick)
    Which do you think visually look best with our last name?

    -Lincoln Dolhanyk
    -Spencer Dolhanyk
    -Hudson Dolhanyk
    -Caspian Dolhanyk

    -Aria Dolhanyk
    -Lucy Dolhanyk
    -Audrey Dolhanyk

    Tell me your thoughts and opinions please!!

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    I voted for Spencer and Audrey, because they look best and two syllables sound better with your last name. (:
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    Spencer and Audrey, hands down.

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    I absolutely love Caspian, Lincoln and Aria, especially with your surname. I also like Hudson but it feels slightly too trendy for me personally, and I've never been a fan of Spencer. It somehow lacks character and personality.

    Lucy and Audrey are both lovely, vintage classics, but Lucy is chronically overused in my area, and I don't find Audrey particularly pretty-sounding.
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    Lucy and Caspian gets a little too Narnia-y, like naming your kids Luke and Lando. Maybe choose one or the other.
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