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    What do you think of Moa?

    My younger sister has taken a liking to a European singer, Alexander Rybak. Her favorite of all his songs is Oah ( The subject of this song is Moa. After looking up the name I found it is quite popular in Sweden. What are your opinions on Moa?

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    It falls in the same category with Maya and Mia for me. It's a fine name but I just don't love it.
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    Coming from New Zealand Moa is an extinct bird, it is a Maori name and IMO it is lovely I'm assuming for a girl?

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    We had an exchange student from Sweden in high school who was named Moa she was the stereotypical blonde and gorgeous Swede and she was an extremely kind hearted person. So that's my impression of the name Moa.
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    Moa also means chicken in Hawaiian
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