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    Referring To Unborn Babies By Their Name. Weird? OK?

    This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine that I didn't know I had until recent years. I've noticed more and more people on Facebook and Twitter referring to their unborn children by the name they have picked out for them. One reason why I don't really like this is that I've often thought (and I'm not alone in this) that the babies were already born.

    Another reason why I dislike it is because a friend of mine was calling her baby Harper for her entire pregnancy only to SMS me that she had just given birth to Everleigh, my number one name pick that I accidentally told her when I was tipsy.

    So I ask you Berries, what are your feelings on publicly referring to your unborn baby by a name? Do the superstitious amongst you think it's bad luck? Does it limit you if you change your mind about the name? Is it perfectly OK, once you've made up your mind it's good to go?
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    I think it's absolutely fine; however, I can see how it would be really confusing when referring to an unborn baby by it's name on FB - leaving others to wonder whether the baby is here or not. Other than that, I think it's nice. Maybe not all couples choose to do it, and that's fine. But I have no qualms with those who choose to refer to their unborn baby by name.

    My own personal reservation would be that if I had begun referring to the baby by name, and then wanted to change my mind - feeling like I couldn't because the baby is 'already named.' That's just me.
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    I'm not a fan of this either, a girl I'm friends with on FB did it before her daughter was born. I feel kind of like it's tempting fate a little...

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    I wouldn't do it, it seems a little weird. And, what if when the baby's born the name doesn't fit? I'd feel stupid... So we call our baby Baby, Little Baby, Little One. A friend of mine called her baby sigg when she was pregnant, it's short for cigarette in norwegian, and couldn't shake the nn when her baby was born, so we decided not to get too funny with what we call Baby.

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    It feels off to me. I don't like it personally.

    I prefer cute nicknames.
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