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    Fredrick is probably my favorite from your list, but I think Soren, Sterling, Percy, and Fletcher are pretty cool.
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    Soren is the only one I like

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    I really like Etienne and Soren and have a soft spot for Percy. Augustus is very nice, but I think August would be easier to wear. I knew a girl named Sterling growing up, so that name lost it's masculine flare for me, which I find very sad. Fletcher it my DH's name, and he gets compliments on his name all the time!
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    Wow Sufjan! I love that guy. That said, that's not my favorite from your list. I really love Soren and Sterling. I love Sterling because I feel like it's this erudite little name that is mainstream enough to have been heard of, but isn't common. I imagine a sweet little boy. I love Soren for the scandinavian feel, the hip sound (-en ending), and the connection to Kierkegaard. I think I like it slightly better because Sterling has an edge of money-grubbing and pretension to it.
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    I love...

    Augustus - strong, dignified, masculine and majestic
    Etienne - A wonderful French name
    Sterling -many British people first think of their money but I think of "a person of sterling qualities". I love it!

    I like...

    Percy - An aristocratic surname or a nn for Percival. Not bad but I knew one growing up who was teased constantly.
    Fredrick - I prefer the Frederick spelling but it's a fine name.
    Soren - Ok but the sound is trendy (eg. an/en/in etc).
    Lionel - A name from the Middle Ages that means "lion".

    I don't like...

    Dudley -Personally, I would avoid any name with the word "dud" in it.
    Irving - this man is playing bridge with his friends Orville and Milton in a Florida retirement home.
    Fletcher - a dated occupational name
    Sufjan - the meaning "comes with a sword" is a little too violent for my comfort level.
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