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    I was going to say go ahead and use it, but it's tough for me to say because I don't know exactly what your village is like or how small is small. It is an unusual name, so maybe two would be odd? Part of me says, though, that if it's the perfect name, you should use it. I'm terrible at thinking up names to suggest, but a strong image of this name did come to mind: Chrysanthemum -- goes with Iris as flower names and you could call her Santhe, which is pretty similar in sound.

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    Yes, this is a tricky situation. I have to agree with most others though that it is best to let Xanthe go and use another similar name especially since your daughter is friends with Xanthe already and they are the same age. If Xanthe were much older then it might not be such an issue. Ianthe seems the perfect substitute because it is VERY similar in sound but starts with a different letter (the same as your daughter's if that makes you like it more) which will differentiate it just enough.
    Names I admire but can't necessarily use myself: Adela, Berthe, Beryl, Calliope, Celeste, Cleo, Grete, Guinevere, Isadora, Lilac, Lisette, Lucienne, Maelle, Marilla, Marisol, Melina, Ottoline, Pascale, Sibyl, Zara, Zinnia. Boys: Alasdair, Alcott, Anders, Augustine, Barnaby, Evander, Felix, Gilbert, Graham, Hugo, Julian, Kyrill, Leif, Lev, Malcolm, Maxfield, Morgan, Montgomery, Orion, Orlando, Rhys, Roman.

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    If you seriously love it, I would use it - but if you still feel like you could love something else, then I might look at other things. There are a bunch of beautiful girls names ending in that -the / ne ending!

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    If you love it, use it! You will probably end up with name regret if you don't use it.

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