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    Thank you everyone for your truly helpful replies. We don't like to discuss names with friends/family in advance so your insights are really important for both of us.

    Eitan is AY-tahn and Noë is the female version of Noah, for those of you wondering.

    I also like the name Etan, which has a different beginning.

    And the suggestions above are all worth tryin on. So again, thanks!

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    Noë Jade - I've never seen Noe for a girl before, but I love the name. I'm not fond Jade, however. It's kind of 90's to me.
    Etta Dove - Etta is lovely and I love Dove.
    Freyda Eve - I don't like Freyda. I prefer Freida or Freya.
    Sadie Grey - cute
    Milla Sage - I love Sage. Milla seems incomplete.

    Eitan Dov - Nice. Might be some pronunciation issues.
    Everett Dov - Solid, handsome.
    Xavier Mac - ok. Xavier isn't as nice as some of your other options.
    Abram Hob - I love it.
    Paxton Ash - LOVE. Pax is a cute nn. I'd prefer Paxton Dov, though.
    Micah Dov - I adore this. I think it's my favorite.

    My favorites would be
    Noe Sage
    Sage Grey

    Micah Dov
    Paxton Dov
    Under construction...

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    Sadie is a cute name for a puppy I know several dogs with this name- so I just can't see it on a little girl. I LOVE Etta and Milla- and all your middle names are awesome. I may steal them For boys, Micah goes so well with Judah- strong biblical names. Strong and manly. I'm a fan of Paxton because I love the nick name Pax!

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    I like Sadie and Micah. Someone else mentioned Elijah, which is nice, too. What about Chana?

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    Everett and Abram are my favorites from your boy list. I really like Milla but not Sage. Maybe Milla Grey? Milla Dove?
    Lucky I'm in love with my best friend... 6/9/07



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