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    My faves are Etta Dove and Abram Hob! Very cool!

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    Sadie Grey
    Noe Jade
    Etta Dove
    Are all gorgeous!

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    Talia, Judah/Ozzie, and

    Etta Dove
    Sadie Grey
    Milla Sage

    Eitan Dov
    Abram Hob (prefer Bram, but would need to re-do middle-- maybe Bram Ash?)
    Micah Dov

    I like the suggestions above of Elijah Dov, Gideon Mac, Isaac Dov or Van Everett too.

    Some other possibilities:

    Asa Gray
    Frank Dov
    Fred Hob
    Ivo Dax
    Paul Hob
    Seth Rob
    Vale Dax
    Viggo Dov

    Avis Grey
    Clara Dove
    Esme Dove
    Fiona Grey
    Jane Dove
    Maeve Bess
    Sylvie Grey
    Zoe Grey

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    Here are my top two (in order) for boys and girls

    1. Freyda Eve - I like how Freyda is so unusual, yet traditional. Eve grounds it nicely and is such a sweet middle
    2. Sadie Grey - very on trend and goes very well with Talia Ann

    1. Eitan Dov - Love Eitan
    2. Abram Hob - Abram has really been growing on me, and, as others have said, the nn Bram is so precious. There is a lot of 'b' in this name though...

    I also like Micah Dov, but it shares the same ending as Judah. Paxton is nms and Xavier doesn't fit as well, imo. Everett is a nice name, but I think Eitan, Abram, and Micah fit much better with the rest of your siblings and feel a bit more special.
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    For girls:
    Noë Jade - Am assuming this is supposed to rhyme with Zoe. I just don't think, if you are in an english speaking, it would work very well.
    Etta Dove - Oh, I love this. Etta is so under appreciated, and I love Dove in the middle.
    Freyda Eve - Meh, not feeling it.
    Sadie Grey - Seems a bit musty too me.
    Milla Sage - Cute. Prefer Milla with one L but either way it's a great name.
    From this list I'd probably go with Milla Dove. Talia, Ozzie, and Milla. Yes, I quite like that.

    For boys:
    Eitan Dov - Again, not really sure on how to say this. Like Eating?
    Everett Dov - Love Everett, love Dov. Wonderful.
    Xavier Mac - Never really understood why Xavier was so appealing honestly.
    Abram Hob - Absolutely adore Abram. Hob is interesting.
    Paxton Ash - Meh.
    Micah Dov - Love this one two.
    I'd go with Abram Hob. Talia, Ozzie, and Abram.

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