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    33 weeks and need to narrow name list...

    Hi All.

    I'd love your input; positive, negative and otherwise. We are expecting #3 in March - and we don't know if the babyis a girl or boy. Our last name sounds and looks like Par-Tur and siblings are Talia Ann and Judah Oz (he prefers and goes by the name Ozzie).

    For girls, here is a list of finalists:
    Noë Jade
    Etta Dove
    Freyda Eve
    Sadie Grey
    Milla Sage

    For boys,
    Eitan Dov
    Everett Dov
    Xavier Mac
    Abram Hob
    Paxton Ash
    Micah Dov

    We aren't wed to anything at all, but have tried to find names that work with siblings and the last name. I won't say any more than that because I would like honest feedback on names/preferences and ideas for us to consider.

    Thanks a ton.

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    Sadie Grey jumps out at me from your girl's list. I think it is absolutely lovely. Nicely evocative and spunky.

    From the boys list Everett Dov and Abram Hob are the stand outs for me.

    Other ideas:

    Elijah Dov
    Jethro Mac
    Gideon Mac
    Isaac Dov
    Callum Ash
    Asha/Ezra Dov

    or even

    Van Everett
    Callaghan Mac
    Mother to Mannix James and Violet Emmeline
    Name list: A work in progress...

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    I love everyone's input on these names. I see that Sadie Grey was the stand out for someone and my first thought was the name of a tragic heroine in a 19th century novella!

    Noë Jade - Looks lovely, unsure how it is pronounced; like jewel and flower names so Jade a good choice.

    Etta Dove - Etta is good, easy to pronounce, close to a few more popular names; Dove makes me think of the chocolate bar as well as a bird that is a symbol of peace.

    Freyda Eve - Frey as in "fray"? I can see "fraidy" coming out of this. I like Freya, Freyja, but different names entirely. Eve is good.

    Sadie Grey - Well I have a dog named Sadie, and I know numerous animals with this name as well as a young girl. Grey just isn't a colorful name, if you will pardon the pun. How about Sada Eve?

    Milla Sage - Is this Mee lah or Mill ah? I prefer Mee lah, but both are pretty. Sage is slightly better than Grey. Milla Jade?

    Eitan Dov - I like it a lot, though I am not totally positive on how it would be pronounced.

    Everett Dov - I generally like Everett, but it doesn't seem to flow with your other children.

    Xavier Mac - Know a little Xavier just a few weeks old, and I live in the boonies, so this name must climbing the charts. I prefer Xavier Max, but that is probably "X" overload!

    Abram Hob - Abram is good, especially with Bram as an optional nickname. Hob - Not certain with another b so soon after Abram, does the name have personal meaning? Abram Uri? Abram Dov? Abram Liev? I like Abel and Absalom also.

    Paxton Ash - I like Ash, not Paxton. Paz is nice or Pazia for girl!

    Micah Dov - A good combo. I know of several Micah's so probably not uber-unique.

    I like your style and creativity!

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    Sadie Gray jumped out at me too! Love it. Sadie is on my short list too. Spunky and cute. Sure a common dog name but who cares? There are so many fantastic girl and boy names that are also popular dog names. As for boy names I love Abram! Nn Bram. I like Bram on it's own too. The other boy name I love for you is Everett. Nn's Ev, Ever, and my fav, Rhett!
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    Oh and I also love the name Micah! My only issue is the nn Mike and Mikey BUT if you do want to use a nn, I really like Mic. The I makes the same sound as in "is". Considered this one for my boy names as well. Gl!
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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