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    Wow, Caballero? That's a first. I actually think your boy names can be reconciled. I'm just going to throw out a bunch of stuff, but you seem to like Irish names, but they're very laid back everyman names that I think can mix with your husband's cowboy thing.


    With Jolene, Ramone, and Marley all on the list, I'm guessing your husband likes music. Maybe we can come up with some music names that your husband would like.

    Lennon (although it does sound like Lenin)
    Harrison (Harry)
    Penelope nn Penny (Lane)
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    How about Marlene (either Mar-len-uh or Mar-leen: the last can be combo between Jolene and Marley but would be more your speed) and Roman (mix between Ramone and Ronan).

    I like the idea of Marlene Josie Flann.
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    First of all, from your husband's favorites you have to rule out Jolene because the -n sound at the end of JoleNe does not work with Flann, neither does it work with Josephine in the middle.

    Marlene Josie Flann is a good suggestion. I like the idea of Josie as a substitute for Josephine in this case as it gives the full name great syllabic flow: a three, two, one pattern!

    In general names without strong L or N sounds seem to sound best with Flann. Sometimes if it is a soft L or N sound it works. And sometimes depending on where in the name the L or N occur it is fine.

    Based on your lists here are some ideas that try to bridge your tastes:

    similar to Cordelia:
    Celia Josephine Flann,
    Darcy Josephine Flann,
    Camila Josephine Flann,
    Chelsea Josephine Flann,
    Coral Josephine Flann, (this works better than Coralie to my ear)
    Clara Josephine Flann.

    similar to Esme:
    Brie Josephine Flann
    Elisa Josephine Flann
    Emelia Josephine Flann

    similar to Charlotte:
    Lottie/Lotte Josephine Flann
    Maisie Josephine Flann
    Samantha Josephine Flann

    similar to Aubrey & Marley:
    Abra Josephine Flann
    Aria Josephine Flann
    Amerie Josephine Flann
    Sadie Josephine Flann
    Eugenie Josephine Flann nn Gigi

    Anything appeal? Good luck!
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    Thank you all so much for your thoughtful suggestions! There are some gems on here and I will chat with my husband when he gets home. Now I'm double thinking Joesphine. I cant believe i didnt notice how it clashes with Flann! I like the Josie suggestion or I may use her middle name, Antoinette instead. Our son's middle name is to honour my grandfather so we wanted to honour my grandmother if we have a girl as they are the only living great grandparents our children have. Again THANK YOU so much and I'll keep you all posted!

    PS sparrowfinch you're bang on! My husband's suggestions are usually music/cowboy/skateboarding/surfing related. The only reason he agreed to name our son Oliver is because Ollie is a skateboard trick lol!
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    No luck agreeing on baby names so far...

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