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    Quote Originally Posted by alexa400 View Post
    I could see Ethel making a come back, and maybe Sophronia with the popularity Of Sophia and rising popularity of Seraphina. And maybe Marlys as people look for a fuller form of Marley. And possibly Vinita with 'V's becoming popular and it's simplicity.
    Vinita was a relative of my father. She was born in the early 1900's, and I have never heard of anyone else with the name. Her sisters were Alice, Florence, and Ethel, so I wonder where her parents found Vinita.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesina66 View Post
    Gertrude was my grandmother's name. She died very young, and I would have attempted to use it some way if I had been blessed with a child.
    I have a hard time with Gertrude itself on a small child, but I think using it with the nn Tru would breathe youth back into it.

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    I really like Hester So I'd use that one. My friends have a daughter with the middle name Beulah. Really not a fan of that name but I guess it must be a family thing.

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    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    Of your family names, these are my favorites

    Gertrude - I love this with the nn Trudy!
    Bertha - I have an elderly neighbor named Bertha. She is such a dear and we call her Grammie Bertie!
    Bernice - One of my Grandfather's bff's was named this! She is such a lovely dear old lady she is refered to by Neecie.
    Beulah - My husband's Aunt had this name. I had never heard it before I met her. She was so elegant and went by the full Aunt Beulah.
    Marlys - I love this one. It sounds very feminine.
    Mildred - I like the nn Millie so I could use this
    Vinita - Very unusual yet beautiful!
    Hester - This remindes me of a beautiful lace handkerchief!
    Sophronia - So pretty! A unique twist on Sophia.

    I am a huge fan of the nn Minnie so I could totally use Minerva too!

    Some others that I'm in love with from my family heritage are:


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    I like these ones:
    My personal name list on behindthename:
    My List of Name Combos:
    Please vote.

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