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    My favorites: (I just had to comment on the first to because they have very distinct imagery for me. Henry does as well, but it feels more like I'm idealizing his character because Henry is my favorite boy name ever.)

    Evander - is rich earth and atlases spread across a table. I imagine he has dark hair and darker eyes. He's an independent sort of soul.
    Frost - another dark haired boy. Ultra cool and even-keeled.

    Have you considered Ronan?
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    Ahhh I was reading over this thread and just had to comment because I loove so many of the names on your list.....and the imagery given to them!! It's amazing....

    Evander -Because I know of someone with this name...I imagine <dark skin, curly black hair, laughing dark eyes> Strong, spunky. Laughs off the criticism he recieves..Too cool to care. Too strong to bend. Too fiery to quit.

    Frost -True to his name....cold, piercing blue eyes, that catch anyone's attention and hold it. Captivating. Pale skin, striking dark hair, red lips, white smile. Absolutely dashing. Somewhat aloof. He has a close group of friends to whom he is verry loyal, and it is not easy to get close to him.

    Gabriel -Angelic. Blue-eyed angel, lisping his way into everyone's hearts.

    Nicholas -Awwe, another one where my impressions are swayed by reality... Mischevious. Short sandy blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes, and freckles scattered across his nose and ruddy cheeks. A true boy who loves all things to do with equipment, but can giggle like crazy with his sisters and cousins.

    Polaris - eliminated -Is this really eliminated??? Oooo this is my favorite on your list. I can't really describe it, is it because I can't see it in reality?? It is so epic. So unusual. But I'm not sure if I could use it. Could you?

    Added: Timothy -Because of @Ottilie, I can see why you're in love. But to me it's blonde, wimpy, unpopular, uncool, left-out, geeky. I'm glad if you can have a different image so ignore mine..

    Ohhh I have to go...but I love this. I'll have to come back to this thread....
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    I have to do Eli because I have one. He has golden red hair (very unusual color) and freckles on his pert little nose. Everyone calls him the baby-whisperer because he loves toddlers and babies so much (he's only 4 himself), he has a look of mischief about him but he can be very, very sweet. He's all boy and loves rough and tumble games and goes all out while he's awake and then falls asleep in a little heap in random places around the house when his energy is used up. Eli is perfectly charming and I adore the name!

    Timothy is the name of my hubby and as I think he's hot, I think the name is hot. I also think introvert, quiet, and artsy.

    Nicolas: exceedingly charming and bone-deep lazy.

    Gabe (Gabriel): athletic, handsome, popular, and fun.

    Henry: very subtle sense of humor, incredibly intelligent, personable and kind.

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    kibby - you're right, if possible, I'm even further smitten with North, especially since I let go of Polaris! These are actually all middle name ideas, for our favorite first name of Caspian. Even in the middle slot, Hubby is hesitant about North. Hopefully he'll come around. Magnus is one of his favorite choices...I can see the appeal, but personally the imagery I get is evenly split between gladiators and pit bulls...

    garnet - I'm so torn on Henry. On the one hand, incredibly common name...on the other hand, there's a strength and a spunk about him, and the charming little boy in Once Upon a Time has really done a number on me. I absolutely love your Evander!! "rich earth and atlases spread across the table" -- swoon!! You seem to like a lot of my Husband's favorites, so I will suggest Ronan to him. That's not one I had considered, but Roman and Rowan have been brought up and while he likes the sound, he has problems with both of them (Roman because of the place, Rowan because it's a word name) so maybe Ronan will catch his fancy.

    elkey - Thank you so much! I'm pretty psyched about the imagery myself, it's making it even harder to narrow down my list than I thought! I love your descriptions of Frost and Nicholas especially. Polaris I let go because of jame's very good point about bipolar disorder. It runs in my family on my dad's side, and can you imagine how traumatic it would be to be bipolar and named Polaris? I love that it's the north star and Iorek Byrnison and all these other magical wintry things, but I still need it to be wearable and loveable by my child. So I've dropped Polaris and fallen even harder for North As for Timothy, I get really good vibes from this name, it makes me think of Christopher Robin. There are a lot of positive associations for me...especially the main character from Were the World Mine...every time I see the name Timothy I hear Nathaniel David Becker singing it, in those clear bell-like tones...

    nativoyoung - I love, love, LOVE your Eli, how utterly adorable!!
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    Eli: I see a thin boy, tall for his age, with short blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. He is all boy and loves to bury his trucks in the sand. He always seems to have a smudge of dirty on his cheek, that you're always having to wipe away. He is light-hearted and carefree. (I have a cousin by this name who inspired this description lol)

    Hawthorne: I picture a dark-haired boy with really striking light eyes, who always has a crooked smile on his face..especially when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't do but he just really wants to help out so does it anyhow. I can picture people calling out "Hawthorrrrne!" when they discover what's happened and he just says innocently "yeah?".

    Henry: I picture a tall boy, with dark hair, blue eyes, freckles, and a serious look on his face. He is studious and spends alot of time reading on the swing.

    that's really all i feel like doing right now..but on a side note, I've never heard of Vetiver. Sounds like a surname of sorts?
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