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    Question A girl's name to go with a difficult double-barrelled surname!!

    Hello berries!

    So, we're now a mere seven weeks away from meeting our first baby and the husband and I have whittled down and compromised as much as possible on our own. We're Team Yellow and planning on staying that way until the bitter end but have chosen two possible boy names: Rufus and Wilfred (which, entertainingly, is described as 'gone and best forgotten' by nameberry!) Both of these names would be given a family name of mine (it's Cornish and sounds a bit like 'Penzance') as a middle name.

    To give you some more context we're in the UK and have a double-barrelled surname, each part of which has two syllables (if it helps, it's in the same ball park as something like Gotha-Coburg!!) Because of this we're keen to keep a girl's name reasonably simple (the husband has vetoed my request for two mns, for example) Our general style is somewhere between uber classic and slightly hipster. We're massively struggling with girls names and would hugely appreciate your thoughts on the current list!! At the moment this is how it stands:

    Frederica Vivan (nn Freddie)
    Vivian Susan
    Elisabetta Susan (nn Betty)
    Prudence Vivan

    We're potentially open to other suggestions but the husband is hugely picky so are mostly interested in help with the selection above (or another combination of the above). If you would like to offer alternatives then you should know that my oh has been pushing for Olivia but I've vetoed because it's number 2 on the popular list over here and I can't live with anything higher than #50 (tbh I'd be happier with something much, much lower than #250...)

    Thank you!! x
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    My favorite on your list is Frederica Vivian. It seems the most flexible of the names. She can go by Freddie as you desire and use either her full name or even Erica when she is older, if desired.
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    I really love Elisabetta Susan, though I prefer Bette or Betta as a more sophisticated nickname than the folksy Betty.
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    Thank you both! I really like Bette and Betta/Etta as nicknames too - we'll just be steering clear of Liz/Lizzie type nicknames for the time being.

    On a separate note, I don't know why the middle names are coming up as Vivan rather than Vivian - it's definitely Vivian that we'd be using!

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    I think Prudence Vivan (nn Prue) & Frederica Vivan (nn Freddie) are the more intriguing of your combos. They are defiantly classics but with a little hipster twist to them.

    It might be because I’m not huge on Susan, but I find the Vivan Susan and Elisabetta Susan combos less appealing. Though I do like both Vivian and Elisabetta and would probably like a Vivian Elisabetta or Elisabetta Vivian combo. If Elisabetta I think Etta would be right on trend for old but hip nn.

    And to Vivan vs Vivian I just assumed you had a sticky i key.
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