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    *Marietta and Royal (And Royal was a boy... maaaybe not the best choice, looking back...)
    *Bayleigh Elennora Maxwell (...Yep. I will forever regret bestowing the name on that poor, poor innocent character...)
    Elixia and Elivia Rumibrand.
    Twins, of course, from the book I wrote as a second year. *Facepalm*
    My characters have now subsided to more toned down names (Tessa, Tucker, Catie, and Rowan, to name a few survivors of my occasionally rampant mind)


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    Plenty. In fact, I'm going to look back through my old stories...

    Skyla, Skyler (in the same book - it's hard to explain why), Brandon, Jayden, Blaise. Those are some of the ones that most stuck out to me, the other ones I'm fine with.

    But you know what's funny? I used Nameberry before it was even Nameberry - when it was on a website called The Cradle or something I think? - to help name characters when I first began writing in middle school. It's just funny to me to see how much this website has evolved, and I know that's totally off topic, but Nameberry has helped me name almost every character.

    Also, the name Liv (my favorite name) has shown up in my stories for the past 5 years. I think she has to be written.

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    Okay, I just found a listing of old characters today.

    They are:
    Kyla Odette Silvers
    Alyssa Danielle Ventura
    Dalia Lacey Celeste Ashcott...I know.
    Dalia Alexia Ayers
    Lynsey Walsh younger sister to a Ryan Walsh
    Christopher "Chris" Santoro - Not that bad, might use him in the future.
    Jaxson Cassidy I think his sister was an Ashleigh Cassidy

    I had a Jayde Leigh Evans, who's name I'm still quite fond of actually. Her character's pretty intriguing as I think of it.
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    I can't remember many of my characters as most of my ideas stayed in my head until I lost interest, but I do remember a few.

    Katrina Jones. While I don't mind Katrina too much, she was such a self-insert, borderline-Mary Sue character that she really turned me off of the name. She had 3 brothers, but the only name I can remeber is her younger brother Henry. Who they liked to call Indy/Indiana. Now, I love Henry, but I cringe when I think of this story. Oh, I thought I was so clever! The story revolved around Katrina moving from NYC to Nowhere, North Dakota, where the roads are called things like Dirt Lane or Broken Avenue or something like that.

    There was also the time I came up with 10-11 year old superheroes. When I was younger, I believed that all names must somehow be related to the character. So, that is how I came up with Ingrid, called Inny, who could turn invisible, and Flamo (flame-oh; I think this is how I spelt it), who was pretty much a teenaged Human Torch. Yeah. I actually didn't really like Ingrid at the time, I was just using it to get to Inny, and I do now. But still. Flamo.
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    Oh my God, this is so embarrassing, but when I was younger I started writing with a character named Orabella Weywerck and at the time I thought it was the coolest name ever. I'd nicknamed her Ora, and everything. Now It's like, "Oh God, what were you thinking?"
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