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    My pride and joy used to be a short story about - get this - Juniper Blueman.

    Oh my.


    teenberry, writer, feminist, geek.

    amelia hazel, charlotte elaine, tierney ray, cadence hermione, genevieve linden.
    hugo nathaniel, kieran benedict, larkin willoughby, gabriel frost, henry bonaventure.

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    When I was younger, I made up characters every 2 mins when I was drawing and making up short stories, so I have a lot, but here's a few:
    Hailey (never made up a ln)
    Kaylie(never made up a ln) (originally Kylie- should have stuck to it but then someone I knew named their baby that, so it wasn't as unique to me)
    Peter, Penny, and Paul Penguin.*facepalm*
    Lisa-should have used Liesel

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