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    Jan 2013

    Help me choose from my top 3 girl names

    Which name do you like best? Kendyl, Teagan, or Tinley?

    And ideas for middle names?

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    Jan 2011
    I like Teagan, very cool name! One of my friends named her DD that...she's about 7 years old now. You never hear that name around. It's not something I would use since my DD has a simple but very girlie name so want to continue that trend. But would love to meet another little Teagan one day! So cute
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    Teagan is my favorite as well...great meaning, spunky and not often heard.

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    Jan 2013
    Seattle, WA
    I love Teagan!! All pretty names, I prefer Tenley over Tinley. Tenley Jade was a top contender for my daughters name.

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    I've always loved the name Teagan!!!

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