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    Full name for Marley or Marli or Marlie?

    We are really liking Marley (combo of Aunt Mary and Mother middle name Lee).
    But its a little nicknamey with our other children's names (Gianna and Elijah).
    Suggestions for a longer name that could be shortened to Marli?

    Also, how do you prefer to spell it?

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    Marielle, Marlene, Marilyn, Mariella, Marlena... I prefer Marley on it's own.

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    I like Marley as a nickname, but not as a full name. It reminds me of three things: Dogs, Bob Marley and Weed.

    I really like Marlena and Marielle.
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    I prefer Marley or Marlie. Almost all names ending with just an -i look unfinished to me, even as nicknames.

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