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    Nameberry Cloud Names...

    Hi Berries,

    I saw a name on the NB Cloud (I guess that's what it's called) that intrigued me. I tried to dismiss it, but my curiosity kept piquing. Mostly because of the spelling and I have no clue on how to pronounce it. So, instead of me remaining ignorant on this particular name, I thought I would ask Berries how it is pronounced and perhaps the Anglicize version of it. The name of the day is: Éahbaeibhlin. My guess would be something like: Evelyn?

    Recently, have there been any names on the cloud that you found interesting, fresh, weird, adorable, etc? I know there is at least one name on the cloud that I have not seen before or the spelling throws me off a bit.

    If you had to pick a combo what would it be?*

    Based on Today's Most Popular Names:

    Boy: Theodore Wolfgang
    Girl: Amelia Imogen

    *I know it only takes a couple of refreshes (F5) to change the names, but if you were limited to three browser refreshes, which would you choose?

    aspian Atlas Locke ▪ Ƶephyrus Alan Psalm
    Oberon ▫ Raphael ▫ Sebastian ▫ Orion ▫ Phoenix ▫ Edmund ▫ Jasper ▫ Solomon

    Łiliana Adelia Claire ▪ Ɲoemi Adlumia Fable
    Chrysanthe ▫ Juniper ▫ Isabeau ▫ Camellia ▫ Galilea ▫ Yara ▫ Chloe


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    sunshine kid Guest
    The current ones:

    Amelia Aria Asher Behati Brooke Charlotte Christian Clive Dashiell Dianne Django Elijah Flynn Gemma Grace Gus Harlow Henry Imogen Jack Jackson Jakob Jamie Levi Lola Mamie Neve Niamh Rosie Sam Shannon Shiloh Sullivan Tallulah Theodore Tobias Tomos Wolfgang Xavier Éahbaeibhlin

    Girl: Imogen Niamh
    Boy: Jamie Sullivan Gus

    I have a habit looking at the recent searches rather than the nameberry cloud as you see some really interesting gems pop up.

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    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Is Éahbaeibhlin even legit? The only place I've been able to find it is here.

    Names in the cloud: Amelia Amy Anne Annika Aspen Betsy Cecily Claire Clementine Cyrus Django Edward Eira Eleanor Elizabeth Emmett Eve Ezra George Grace Gus Harlow Hattie Holt Hugo Imogen Isaac Isabeau James Katniss Laelia Levi Malo Milo Owen Rafferty Raylan Snow Spring Éahbaeibhlin

    Girl: Eleanor Eira
    Boy: Owen George

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    No, it's not legit. The only names that are remotely close are Eibhilin or Aoibhlin.

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