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    It’s been six years since the birth of your twin boys, and you and Blake decide it’s time for a big family vacation. Where do you go?
    A) Ireland

    While there, you and Blake decide that you should adopt.
    If you went to Ireland, you adopt two brothers, a 6 year old and a 3 year old.
    What are their names? Blaine Tyson Sweeney & Finnegan Russell Sweeney "Finn"

    You get home from your vacation, and are settling in with the new additions, when you start feeling sick. You go to the doctor, and find out you’re pregnant! 9 months later, you give birth to a baby girl. What do you name her?
    Phoenix Aspen

    The Sweeny Family:
    Blake Andrew Sweeney
    Ivy Clare Sweeney
    Piper Aurora Rose Sweeney
    Landry Bishop Sweeney & Gideon Sawyer Sweeney
    Blaine Tyson Sweeney
    Finnegan Russell Sweeney "Finn"
    Phoenix Aspen Sweeney
    Bandit Sweeney

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