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    Fourth baby

    Although I hadn't intentionally set out to do this, my 3 kids and I all have names with double consonants in the middle: my name is Tammie, and I have Hannah, Maddux and Garrett (My husband, Thomas, is the oddball). Now that we are having a fourth child, I can't figure out if it's too cheesy to continue the trend, or if my little one will feel left out if I don't continue the trend with him/her. Some siblings like having similar names, others hate it and revert to nicknames. A trend in the middle of the name is not as noticeable as everyone having the same beginning or ending sounds, but I'm still not sure whether or not to continue it. Any input?

    Also, we seem to have selected a wide range of names in terms of popularity. Hannah is in the top 10, which is something we were trying to avoid but we both love the name so much we couldn't help ourselves! Maddux is a bit too hip: I don't really love the fact that it's a star baby name (but spelled differently), and people who aren't familiar with starbabies usually have me spell it out and might even think it's a girl name! Garrett is the type of name we're looking for: classy, not too common but not too unusual. I am open to any suggestions of this sort. My favorites right now are Abigail Claire (nn Abbie) or Lydia Claire (hubby's grandma's name was Clarene), Ava Lorraine or Emily Lorraine (My mom's mm), and Sophia Rose for girls. I love Cullen Thomas for a boy, so much in fact that no other name can compare. (I have discovered, however, that Cullen is rising in popularity on account of the Twilight series, a fact which sickens me.) Distant runners up for boy names are Connor, Landon, and Asher. Thanks for your help!
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    I'm on the side where I think you should continue what you started just because it would look odd if you didn't. But that's just my opinion.

    My cousins have all S names and if Sumer, the youngest, hadn't had an S name, she would have been mad. They all like how they are tied together by the S and are very close. Their mom is the only one that doesn't have an S name. None of their names are similar besides starting with an S.

    Since you like Emily, you could do Emmeline instead to get the doubles. Emmeline Claire would be cute. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about Cullen. I haven't met one yet.

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    I'd skip it.
    I hate how the dad's always the oddball with things like this.

    In my family we all have the number 1 in our birthday number, and in another family they're all born on the 1st except for the dad.

    Seems to be a very common trend.
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    I would do it if you find a name you love that fits, skip it if you absolutely love a name that doesn't.

    If your favorite girl's name is Abigail (just as an example, since you obviously do like it), don't pass on Abigail just because it doesn't follow the trend. I don't think she will feel left out. She may even like being a part of the special "oddball out" club with daddy. I honestly don't think too many people will comment one way or the other (no matter what you decide to do).

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    I doubt most will notice anyway if the next kid doesn't have a double middle consenant. I didn't even notice just looking at the names.

    If you want to, then you could do just Abby instead of Abigail; Averill/Averille, Avellana or Avianna instead of Ava; Lillia or Linnea for Lydia; Emmeline, Emanuella, or Emmette for Emily and Sierra, Sybilla or Stella for Sophia.
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