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  • Tatum Elizabeth

    10 22.73%
  • Daphne Victoria

    29 65.91%
  • Farrah Audrey

    7 15.91%
  • Kendall Sara

    3 6.82%
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    My Top Girl Names

    These are my top names for girls:
    1. Tatum Elizabeth
    2. Daphne Victoria
    3. Farrah Audrey
    4. Kendall Sara

    Which one is your favorite and why? And please don't bash on the other names.
    Also, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    LOVE Daphne Victoria! Daphne is spunky and familiar but still unexpected, while Victoria is classic and elegant. My second choice would be Farrah Audrey. I've always loved the name Farrah and Audrey had a kind of vintage charm to it.
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    I voted for Daphne Victoria! I also like Tatum Elizabeth a lot though. Farrah is nice, and someday I would love to see it make a comeback, but right now it still seems very tied to the actress and somewhat dated. Kendall is sweet, but I prefer Kendra.
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    Daphne Victoria!! Love the name daphne. Sweet an unexpected with lots of personality and sweetness. A subtle nature name as well. Can't say enough about it. Lovely!
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    I voted for Kendall Sara, because it's pretty versatile in terms of nicknames (Kenny, Allie, Dalla etc) and flows well. Daphne I struggle to see on a young person, mainly becaue it's the name of my elderly neighbour and she's the only person I've ever known with the name, so to me it's an old name. Farrah just feels incomplete to me, like it's lacking an ending, and I've never been a fan of Audrey. Tatum I just think of totum poles, I don't know why. With the exception of Audrey, I love all your middle names though.

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