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    My favorites:
    Lydia because I love Groucho Marx's version of "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." Watch it.
    Laurel for the botanical imagery and the clear, round sound.
    Corinna because it's spicy and gives you a great built-in lullaby to sing to your daughter ("Corinna, Corinna")
    Serena is classic, elegant, and lovely.
    Irene because it's strong, has great namesakes like the Greek goddess of peace, and has a fun vintage flavor ala Dot.

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    Top 5...
    1. Irena: I think this is such an underused gem! Somehow the -a ending for me makes such a difference, making Irene a little more modern, a little more global...I love it.
    2. Laurel: I feel like I say this too often, but Laurel is perfect. It's a non-flowery floral name, sweet without feeling fluffy or overly perfumed, another favorite.
    3. Raquel: I don't think I'd ever use it, but it's spunky and fun and I'd LOVE to meet a little Raquel. I don't think you need to be Hispanic to pull this off at all.
    4. Leila: I love Leila (yes, said Lay-luh), but with all the little Lilahs and Lilas and Lillys, she does lose a little something if youre looking for an "unexpected" name (personally, I dont think it bothers me).
    5. Lydia: I used to love Lydia, but for some reason I know more little Lydias than little Sophias at the moment, again, only a warning if youre looking for less common, I have a feeling she may be on the rise. I do still like the name though!

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    From your list I like:
    Estella-underused and stylish
    Irena-I like Irene also but Irena is a bit more contemporary
    Laurel-Pretty and spring like
    Lorraine-Classic and not used often enough, also like the Laraine spelling
    Lydia-Beautiful but has gotten steadily more popular over the past few years.
    Serena-Have always loved this, it has a wonderful calm sound, never understood why it isn't used more.

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    I like these the best:
    Corinna - so beautiful, I really like this. Makes me think of poetry...
    Estella - Would prefer Estelle or Stella (Estella makes me think of Great Expectations) but still lovely.
    Irene - The personification of peace, how lovely is that! Beautiful name as well.
    Laurel - I love Laurel, one of those names that makes me happy saying it and looking at it. And I love laurels...
    Lydia - I've always likes Lydia, it's so stong and calm and beautiful. An ancient kingdom in Asia Minor.
    Raquel - First I thought no, but the more I look at it the cooler it seems. Raquel would be really amazing on a little girl. Especially if she's a little firecracker.
    Serena - Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Very calm and clean.

    I think my top three would be Laurel, Corinna and Raquel.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    My fav is Estella

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