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    After pouring over the baby name books I've compiled quite a list of possiblities. :)

    We already have a short list with a few well loved names. But I just keep thinking we might be missing some great name that we never considered. Plus I just like reading the baby name book! I made a list of all the names that kind of jumped out at me for one reason or another. I tend to like names of different styles, but my main criteria is a name that's somewhat familiar feeling but also unexpected. So, what do you think of these?
    Adria (I'm saying it with a long A at the beginning, as in the word ate, is this correct?)
    Arielle (I like the are-ee--ELLE pronunciation)
    Corinna (rinna, not reena)
    Leila (I say lay-luh is that correct?)
    Lorraine (I like the nn options - Lor, Lora, Raine, Rainie, etc)
    Raquel (does this work for a non-Hispanic family?)
    Reva (not sure how to pronounce this. REE-vuh or RAY-vuh?)
    Shana (pronunciation?)

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    From your list, these are my favorites:

    1. Corinna
    2. Laurel
    3. Lydia
    4. Serena

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    I love Corinna, Lydia, Serena, Raquel. Irene is growing on me, too!

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    Lorraine really jumped out at my from your list. I agree with you that it has a lot of cute nicknames, and it is also such a great name for a woman - I foresee a comback for this name!!

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    Broderick Pearson (Brock) 2016
    Carol Ellen (Mommy)
    David Robert (Daddy)
    Elena Rose (Ellie) 2011
    Felicity Iris (Lissy) 2012

    Fav names: Harrison & Genevieve (Evie or Gigi)

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    Adria: AY-dree-ah is how I would pronounce this, which from how you worded it is how you are pronouncing it. It is pretty but seems a little incomplete. Like there should be an -na after it. Adriana.
    Arielle: I love that pronunciation, it reminds me of how Sebastian says it in The Little Mermaid. Very pretty.
    Corinna: This is Cor-ee-nah to me. No one will ever say it corectly, fair warning. But I feel like a lot of yours are like that, so perhaps you don't mind!
    Estella: Pretty, but I prefer Estelle or Stella.
    Irene/Irena: Irena would be my preference, but it is still a little bit old ladyish to me.
    Laurel: Very pretty, I love the nature reference. A great update on Laura.
    Leila: Lay-lah is, I believe, the correct pronunciation. Pretty as well.
    Lorraine: I am biased on this name because I know someone with it, so to me it belongs to an 80 something year old woman.
    Liana: Lee-ah-nah? That is pretty, but another that may have pronunciation issues.
    Lydia: Very nice, reminds me of a great book I read in school.
    Raquel: To me this is a French name. I'm from Northern New Hampshire and am very French and know French women with this name, though typically spelled Raquelle.
    Reva: Which pronunciation do you prefer? I would be inclined to pronounce it Ree-VAH.
    Serena: Love.
    Shana: Shah-nah. This is the only one I really don't like. It reminds me of Shannon, which I don't care for.

    Top picks: Serena, Laurel, Arielle

    Low on the totem pole: Irene/Irena, Corinna, Shana
    Marilyn Margaret Lucille
    Seraphine Lorelai Danielle

    Shane Benjamin Lee
    Sebastian Roger James

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