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    the list is getting shorter...

    UGH. So hard to find the perfect name... Here is our list at the moment:

    Ofaelia (oh-fael-ee-ah) (made-up...came to me one night and I thought it sounded quite pretty and whimsical..ahhh )
    Ofelia (oh-feel-ee-ah) (and no I won't go with the Ophelia spelling for hamlet reasons, Ofelia is the name of a girl from one of my favourite Guillermo del toro movies Pan's Labyrinth)
    Xanthea (zan-thee-ah) (variation of Xanthe/Xanthia... love greek names...means blonde or yellow...our child will most likely be blonde)

    Middle name suggestions? I was thinking something from this list:

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    Because Ofelia is the Spanish form of Ophelia, when I see it, I pronounce it the Spanish way- o-FAY-lee-a. Is that the pronunciation you're trying to get with Ofaelia? Either way, I like it.
    I don't know how I feel about Xanthea. It feels kind of sci-fi to me. I like Xanthe.
    Under construction...

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    Ofelia Winter has a very Pan's Labyrinth vibe to me.
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    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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    Well Guillermo is a guys name.

    I like Ofelia the best. And most likely everyone will have the easiest time pronouncing that name as well.
    I like ths sound of Ofelia Harlow or Ofelia Winter the best.

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    The list doesn't contain Guillermo, she's explaining why she wants Ofelia, not Ophelia!

    I like Ofelia and Xanthea (I too would prefer Xanthe, but I like the steampunk vibe from Xanthea!), Ofelia Winter is very pretty. Ofelia Orchid is very rosy and Xanthea Lark is lovely.

    Some other suggestions...

    Ofelia Mimosa, Ofelia Mist, Ofelia Ondine, Ofelia Snow
    Xanthea Poeme, Xanthea Reine, Xanthea Garland, Xanthea Lys
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