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    Help or suggestions welcome!

    I am struggling to come up with the right name for my baby, due in May. What do you think of Roma? Anneke? Elka? Esme? Trixie?

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    To be honest I don't really like any of the names you've stated.What about: Beatrix nn Trixie? Annika, Jasmine, Eleanor, Evie, Heidi, Loganne, Annie, Ariana, Indiana, Wendy, Veronica, Vanessa, Henrietta, Sienna, Georgia / Georgina, Devyn, Maybelle?
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    I like Esme!

    Roma is a nice nickname, but as a full name it just makes me think of the people Roma.
    Anneke is interesting, but I am not sure how to pronounce it, which just leads to prefer Anique, Anika or Anik.
    Trixie is a cute nn, but as a full name is seems kind of silly.

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    Oh wow. No, I don't really like any of them either.

    Roma: I have nothing against it, just NMS. Suggestions- Raia, Ren, Rue.

    Anneke: Reminds me of Anakin Skywalker. lol Suggestions- Antonia, Amelie, Anita.

    Elka: Very Polish/Slavic/Something. If you're going for ethnic, I guess it's fine. Suggestions- Emina, Nika, Elsa.

    Esme: I like it, but very Twilight now. /: Suggestions- Eloise, Emilie.

    Trixie: The name of my dog. And probably a lot of other people's animals. Suggestions- Beatrix, Romalie (combining w/ #1 hehe).

    Hope that I helped some. (: Good luck!!
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    If I had to choose between those I would choose Esme. Roma is a guys name. Trixie is an old fashioned dogs name. Anneka is not my style but it does have an ethnic flavor to it so maybe it fits for you. And elka reminds me of an elk.

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