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    I love...

    Corinna - I love the "rinna" pronunciation too!
    Estella - I love the Dickens literary connection.
    Leila - I pronounce it "lay-luh" as well.

    I like...

    Adria -"AY-dree-uh" is the way I pronounce it. I prefer Adrienne myself.
    Raquel (does this work for a non-Hispanic family?) - I don't see why not but it does depend on the last name

    I dislike...

    Reva - I would pronounce it "RAY-vuh". Riva would be "REE-vuh". Reva means "one that moves" in Sanskrit.
    Shana - I pronounce it "SHAN -uh". I prefer Shannon or even the Yiddish name Shaina (SHAY-nuh).
    All the best,

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    Adria: Makes me think of the boys name Adrian, don't like it.
    Arielle: I prefer Ariane.
    Corinna: Not fond of it.
    Estella: I like it, it's more sophisticated than Estelle.
    Irene/Irena: Don't like it.
    Laurel: I've never understood the immense love for this name.
    Leila: I personally pronounce it Ley-lah, it's alright, nothing special IMO.
    Lorraine: Too mum-ish for me.
    Liana: I don't really like it.
    Lydia: Very beautiful name.
    Raquel: I prefer Rachel.
    Reva: I would pronounce it Ree-vuh.
    Serena: Don't like it.
    Shana: Makes me think of Kristen Wiig's Sexy Shana from SNL
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    Adria: I say it the same way. I really like Adria, it has a strong sound, but is feminine and uncommon.
    Arielle: I like Arielle, but I don't love it. I still think of the Little Mermaid. I love Arianna,
    Corinna: I like it, but it will get mispronounced a lot. I could be wrong, but I think the reena pronunciation is more common.
    Estella: I am not a fan.
    Irene/Irena: I like Irena, but not Irene. Irena sounds musty and middle aged.
    Laurel: Although, I prefer the ever popular Lauren, Laurel is still pretty.
    Leila (I say lay-luh is that correct?): I like the spelling Layla. Nice and sweet.
    Lorraine: Quite popular and middle aged where I live. Boring mom-name.
    Liana: I prefer other similar names Eliana, Arianna etc.
    Lydia: I love Lydia, classic and beautiful. My favorite on your list.
    Raquel (does this work for a non-Hispanic family?): I prefer Rachel and that is saying something because I hate Rachel. Raquel sounds ethnic to me.
    Reva (not sure how to pronounce this. REE-vuh or RAY-vuh?): Interesting.
    Serena: I prefer Selena/Celina.
    Shana (pronunciation?): Boring.

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    Re: Raquel. I know a lot of Jewish people who pronounce the name Rachel this way, so I do think it's definitely valid if you're not Latino. The Q spelling clarifies pronunciation.

    Of your list, I really like Laurel and Lorraine. Those are very beautiful, underused names. Arielle is also sweet, and I think Irene is ready for a comeback. I really like your list overall!

    I knew a Leila, from Belarus, and she pronounced it the same way you are.

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    Really like Corinna pronounced Co-RIN-na.
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