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    Choosing names is so hard!! Help!!

    We really need opinions on naming our twins. Every time we think we make up our mind we doubt ourselves. Please give opinions on boy girl twin names:

    Mila and Luca
    Mila and Sebastian
    Danica and Luca
    Danica and Sebastian.

    Thanks everyone!!

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    I like Mila and Sebastian the best. Although Luca is a boy's name, I think if you use it with Mila or Danica, it will be mistaken for a girl's name because of the -a ending. I would suggest Mila/Danica and Luke or Mila/Danica and Lucas.

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    I like Mila and Sebastian, they sound nice together.
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    I love Mila and Luca. I like twins names to have some kind of common "theme" or thread, but nothing terribly obvious. I think that Mila and Luca are perfect because they both have 4 letters and end in the "-uh" sound. To me, Danica and Luca aren't tied enough, and I personally don't like the name Danica (or Sebastian) much. Good luck and congratulations!
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    Even though my twins' names end in an/en, I am not digging both of the names ending in -a, so my votes would go to the non-matching ones.
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