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    wow guys Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate that. I read all replies one by one VERY carefully. And it makes more sense now. Hali does have full of sentiments but I do admit that it's not very appropriate. We may consider it as a part of the middles. Arther is actually a typo sorry for the confusion lol. And thank you heaps for all the new name suggestions, I really like some of them. I guess I will need more time to sort out the list again.

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    I like the idea of using the nn Hal. Could be short for Henry, Harold, Harry

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    I agree that Hali is quite feminine. Makes me think of Halle Berry, the actress.

    Off your list, I like Ethan the most by far.

    Some suggestions;
    Dylan, means son of the sea
    Harrison, could be a Hali derivative. Cute name!
    Wyatt, better than Wells which does sound like a last name to me.

    Good luck! The perfect name will come to you at the right time.

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    Love Halifax as a middle, especially since it has meaning to you. Congratulations!

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    I like Arthur or Ethan. It's a bummer that you don't both love Theodore, but you've got some solid choices.

    Maybe Hali could be used as a middle name, since it has an important meaning to you.
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