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    Unhappy Due in four days! urgently need ANY advice and help!! totally lost :[

    I am booking a C-section for a breech baby boy on Jan 28. We are getting lost finding our first beloved baby boy a solid name. My friend recommended nameberry yesterday. So hopefully we could get some hints or clues about the last-minute decision at here. Any name not on the list is highly welcomed too. Thank you everyone! :rolleyes

    - Something about the background -

    :: We live in the east coast of Canada which the ocean is 10 minutes away from where we live and work everyday. Both of us spent the 4 year college life here. More importantly, my husband and I met in the airport of this city. So this city means a lot to us. "Hali" means the sea and is the first four letters of the city. But I wonder how to correctly pronounce "Hali" and if people think that "Hali" is just an incomplete (word)name.

    :: I really like the meaning of "Theodore" which is "God's gift and brave man".

    :: My husband does like Hali, Wells, doesn't like Theo, Theodore, Flynn, has no feelings about Hearst, Ethan, Arther, Raphael.

    :: Baby's last name starts with "L" and ends with "U" and it's a short last name

    So names on our list are:

    No.1 Theo
    No.2 Hali
    No.3 Wells
    No.4 Flynn
    No.5 Hearst
    No.6 Ethan
    No.7 Arther ooops typo, means Arthur
    No.8 Raphael
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    Hali seems like a girls' name to me, and I'm kind of confused about it/its pronunciation. But I really like the sentiment. Can you try to incorporate it into the middle name?

    My number one choice off your list is totally Theo/Theodore, but if your husband doesn't like them...I don't know. Convince him? Haha. My other favorites are Ethan and Raphael, which are very different from each other but both strong names. The others seem incomplete to me, except Arther which is just not my style.
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    Help us decide?
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    I love the names Flynn, Ethan and Arthur!
    Hearst sounds like the car (Hearse) that takes away dead people....
    Theodore is really popular at the moment, it is a cute name when they are little but when they are older (teen/middle age) would it still

    Good luck and hope everything goes well !
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    Don't worry -- you will find something, even if it's not until after he's born. Something will feel right when you meet him if it doesn't before.

    Theodore: I love this name -- this is at the top of my list right now, so this would absolutely get my vote.
    Hali: I was surprised that this is a valid boy's name (I looked it up). It sounds all girl to me, especially with Halle Berry, and the girl's name Haley. I would also think it might be weird to be named after the town you grow up in, even if it does have special significance to your parents. Seems like it would be better as a middle name.
    Wells: This also sounds more like a middle to me because it sounds like a surname.
    Flynn: I love this name!
    Hearst: Ditto Wells
    Ethan: Another name I love that has gotten unfortunately popular. If it's not popular where you are, I vote for this one!
    Arther: Do you mean Arthur? I've never seen it with an "e" and it's not listed as a name on this site. It could be from a culture I'm not familiar with though. I love Arthur, but it seems like a bit much for a little kid. I'm not sure I'd be able to use it. I would love to meet a little Arthur, though.
    Raphael: I'm kind of "eh" about this one. It sounds very Italian or Spanish, neither of which I am, so I don't think I could use it. If you love it and feel comfortable using it even if you're not either of those things, more power to you. It's a great name.

    Some suggestions based on your list:
    Hadley (famously a girl's name, but still masculine in my mind)

    Good luck!

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    I'm being critical, but maybe it will help?

    No.1 Theo - nice, but may have to spend his whole like saying, "I'm not Theodore."
    No.2 Hali - on a boy? I would say Hal-ee, like the girl's name.
    No.3 Wells - is too last name sounding, even for me (I like Fitzwilliam as a guilty pleasure)
    No.4 Flynn - I really like this one, apart from the "lynn" feminine connection
    No.5 Hearst - as in a hearse?
    No.6 Ethan - not bad, really soft sounding, so would work if you have a hard-sounding surname
    No.7 Arther - will spend his whole life correcting people who spell it Arthur.
    No.8 Raphael - nice angel connection, but Raffi throws me off

    Hai means sea in Chinese, and is sort of similar to Hali...though pronounced "HIE"...I don't know how helpful that is.
    Conway means holy water in Welsh.
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