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    Having a boy...WDYT of Sloan???

    I am due in June with our second boy and came across the name "Sloan" on my old list. I love this name but am worried b/c it is primarily used for girls with the spelling "Sloane". However, the meaning of the name is "fighter;warrior" and it draws me even more to the name. It also goes well with Indy, our first sons name. So do you think Sloan is suitable for a boy and what middle name would you pair with it? Our last name starts with an S. Honest opinions pls!

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    Honestly, I don't really consider Sloan unisex regardless of spelling. It just seems feminine to me, and whenever I hear the name, I automatically think it refers to a girl. If you're quite fond of it, Sloan would be fine as a middle name.

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    To be honest, I really really really dislike Sloan/e, even for a girl, and I like it even less on a boy. I just don't think it has any attractive sounds in it.


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    I automatically think of Sloane Peterson in Ferris Bueller. I know it's not a contemporary movie but I would consider it a classic and it makes me think of Sloane as only a girl's name. I do like it as a name, though.

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    I think Sloan/e has the potential to be unisex. It was originally a surname which has been uncommonly used as a female name. In my opinion it doesn't sound particularly feminine. The only Sloane I ever heard of is the one from the Ferris Bueller movie and my insurance lady's daughter. I know a lot of people who have never heard the name Sloan/e before, and wouldn't know which sex it belongs to. That being said, I wouldn't be brave enough to use it on a boy.

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