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    Adele's baby's name is.... Angelo ??... Well maybe...

    Geez, WHY is Adele keeping her baby's name such a secret?!!! Reportedly she's even incurring fines for not registering the name with the British government. Goodness

    Anyways, apparently she was spotted out wearing a name plate necklace that read "Angelo" and now there's speculation that Angelo is her son's name.

    So, let's just assume it's true... Angelo... What's the verdict?
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    Honestly, I think she's being ridiculous for hiding it so long.
    It's one thing to not go out of your way to state the name, but another to actively hide the name. It's silly. It's a name, not the photo of the kid. SMH.

    Especially if she's running up fines for not even REGISTERING him.

    I love the name Angelo, and I think it's a great pick. Totally off of my guess, which was Henry. :P
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    Angelo is a great choice!

    I understand her protective feelings. Personally if I were a celebrity I would release a fake name to avoid all of this...or maybe she is merely waiting to reveal the name to the highest bidder & it's not about protectiveness at all!

    I've always wondered if celebrity babies crazy names are fakes so that they can live life outside of their parents shadow once they're adults.

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    How is it ridiculous? Your private life really isn't private if you're choosing to share everything about your birth with the world via several spreads in People Magazine. I love Adele for being so secretive (actually, I just really love Adele), what's the worlds business knowing what she has named her son? She is the one who is famous, not her son.

    DM is claiming that his full name is Angelo James. I love James, don't know how I feel about Angelo.
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    I don't think it's ridiculous at all. She doesn't owe the public anything other than music. Your baby is such a personal thing, and I applaud her for staying out of the limelight pretty well since she announced she was pregnant.

    I think I like Angelo, it's unexpected and kind of romantic. It's definitely a name I could see her using.
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