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    Red face What are your favorite names within your family?

    The other day I was sitting around thinking about the names in my family, including cousins and great aunts & uncles, and I realized there are some names in my family that I absolutely love! I would have to say that my Mema (grandma) and her sisters have amazing names. They are...

    Cleo Ester/Esther (I can never remember which way it's spelled)
    Celine Victoria
    Deluvine Beatrice
    Clara Miguela

    I would have to say my favorite out of the 4 is my Great-Aunt Deluvine because I can honestly say I have NEVER met another Deluvine besides her and I'm surprised because I think it's such a beautiful name.

    What names in your family do you just absolutely love?
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    Most of the names in my family are pretty plain, but that's the exact type of names I seem to love, so:

    Claire Pearl - while I don't especially love them together, they are still both great names!
    Raymond Owen - SO gorgeous.

    These are all the names I LOVE in the family, and I think with the exception of Brooke I've considered using each one of them on my own future children!

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    My favorites in my family are Ryan, Colin, and Alexandria.
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    LOVE Alice, the name of my great-grandma! definetly a middle for a future kid! Other wise my family doesn't have very interesting names, but some include
    Isabella Chiara (Chiara)
    Gerard Aloysius (Jerry/ Gerard)
    Elizabeth Palmira (Lizzie)

    Palmira and Alice are my favorites
    Right Now I would name them...
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    Each branch of my family is pretty different, so it makes for some names that i really love!

    I love my a few of my cousins' names like Ryan, Erin, Alix (i really just like the way she spells it)..I have a few older relatives named Mary, and one Rosemary, who passed away recently. I have a great-aunt or something named Valley, so that's cool

    My favorite names come from my father's side of the family..his dad immigrated from Italy, so I have favorites like Luca, Lorenzo, Lia, Viggo, Natalino (grandpa's name...we call him Nate though), Maria, Rocco, Lucia, Anna, and my grandpa's brother passed away, and his name started with a V...i think something like Vincenzo or something...i really liked it though!

    Unfortunately, if i were to use most of these names, it would cause a feud with my mother's we'll see

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