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Thread: Can I use them?

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    Can I use them?

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    um...I think you're way over-thinking this.

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    I'd have to agree that you seem to be over-thinking it and worrying yourself unnecessarily. The only two that I think you might want to consider choosing a different names are Emmeline/Gemma (esp if you want Emma as a nn) and Oliver (since there actually already is a dog in your family with that exact name). Other than that I'd go right ahead!
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    The only problems I see are Oliver (I feel for you there - my boyfriend's brother has a dog named Ivy...grr) and maybe Samuel nn Sam.

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    Before I write anything I want to say that:

    1. A lot of this depends on how often you see these people. If you see them on a weekly basis it's obviously going to be more of a problem than if you see them once a year. The gray area is where you have to decide. Is seeing them once a month enough for it to really be an issue? It's your call. I will answer based on you seeing these people quite regularly.

    2. If you're not currently pregnant or TTC then most of this will likely not be an issue by the time you are. Issues often seem larger when we're imagining them appearing than when they're actually in front of us. The dogs may be dead, the family members may move away, etc. etc. You never know, so don't make solid decisions before you're in a position to actually need to.

    Jack - no, that's not a problem at all. The name is not the same and is very common on top of being popular.

    Oliver - more rare and the exact same name, I'd consider this more of a problem

    Leo - meh, I see what you're saying but since you rarely ever see him and it's not actually the same name and all you have that in your name I don't see it as a real issue. Regarding your dad, I'm of the opinion that you have to use the name you love. My grandpa could never pronounce my name, but it was actually always a sweet thing between him and me because he was the only one who called me something different.

    Samuel - not a problem. I have cousins who share names and they're the same gender and relatively close in age. I can't imagine it being a problem when they are different genders, vastly different ages, and see each other 4 times a year.

    Annabel/Annaliese - is not the same as Anna even if you do use that for a nn. If you love it use it. People say things without considering the future implications. It's not the same name, not the same pronunciation, and it's a classic. Don't sweat it.

    Gemma - different name and decades later. Not an issue.

    Caroline - I can't imagine that being an issue, especially if it's a middle name.

    Honestly, I think you're really overreacting. When you come to the time when you do have to make these decisions if these are still seen as issues, after you've thrown it out to your family, then you can consider other options. But (again, when the time comes) only bring it to your family if you really want their opinion and are willing to change. If you aren't willing to change, just do it and they'll get over it, or they won't and you won't talk about it.

    I really don't see any of these as huge red flags, especially with time inevitably passing, so my best advice is to calm down and don't stress about problems that don't actually exist yet.
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